What is Voices in the RAW?

Similar to most acronyms, RAW has a double meaning.  The first meaning stems from the definition of the word raw – in the flesh, as true as it gets, original, and open.   The second meaning is what the acronym stands for of course – Real Asian Woman.  The “real” part simply means that we want to be real with you and our experiences are authentic and as real as it gets.  My good friend, Deejay, and I wanted to create a blog where we are free to talk about topics involving our faith, Hmong culture, singlehood, marriage life, parenthood, food, society, and anything under the sun.  One thing Deejay and I have in common is that we’re quite honest about our thoughts and feelings, and we love sharing our opinions.  Sometimes we’ll be posting about everyday life situations, which may seem trivial, and other times our posts will involve more serious topics.  We hope that our voice will be heard by someone who can relate and someone who needs to be understood.  We desire to create a place where people can be open and honest about real-life issues.  We also hope that our voice will represent many of you readers who want to be heard.  Our voice is in the raw – open and honest about life.


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